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Cost of assembling solar systems

Anybody with little knowledge of electrical can assemble Solar systems at home ,
Here I have given items required for street light & its prices. Only you have to connect six connections your street light is ready. Like way you can save your money by adding solar panels to your inverter battery.

* Solar Module of 37 Wp – Rs.2405
* Lead Acid Battery of 40 Ah – Rs. 3900
* Solar Charge controller 12 volts / 6 Amp. Rs. 600
* Aluminium Die cast LED fitting 6 watt Rs. 800
* MCPCB for mounting LEDs —- Rs.300
* Edison Make LED of 1 watt / 110 Lm- 6 No. -Rs. 300
* LED Driver Rs. 300
* GI pole of 17 feet with fitting for Panel & Battery Box.- Rs. 1300
* Battery Box – Rs. 600
* Concrete foundation Rs. 1000
* Labour Rs. 500

Total is Rs.12005/-

out of this many items we can make ourselves or eliminate as per our requirement.

Reputed company sold it at rate of Rs. 15000/- to Rs. 25000/- So the company profit is vary from 25% to 110 %.

Also for 74wp Module / 75 Ah Tubular Battery & 18 watt fitting its cost is Rs. 19000/- per street light.

For details contact : 09822725907 & mail ID is : vdc.vdc999@gmail.com


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